TELESTAI - It Is Finished (CD) 2022 Remastered Classic 80's Christian Metal

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Roxx Records is at it again, this year we have been working had to locate and find the many long lost Christian Metal ‘Priests of the Underground’ so to speak. And we found a gem in the band TELESTAI

TELESTAI was a four-piece heavy metal band of which all the members had (and still have) an active relationship with Jesus. All the members of TELESTAI received Jesus during the 1980’s at different times, in different places.  The focus of their ministry was to play amazing metal music and reach the masses to tell them about Jesus, and they did it well!  

The band would record only one demo in their time and play a lot of high profile rock shows with many mainstream artists, including Holy Soldier, Barren Cross, Sacred Warrior, Trytan and many more. Luckily they also captured an amazing live show that featured several songs that have never been released before. And we are happy to be restoring this amazing music and sharing the work and ministry of TELESTAI!

Roxx Records has completely remastered all of their tracks with the help of Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound. In addition this beautiful package features completely brand new cover art, layout and design by Scott Waters of NLTM Graphics. Combined this beautiful Limited Edition CD Only Package will be released in a quantity of 300 pieces only. Pre Orders are live now and our official release date is August 19, 2022.

Check out the amazing first track ‘On The Line’:

Get ready as we are all set to bring you TELESTAI It Is Finished’


Track Listing

1. Tetelestai

2. On The Line

3. Why?

4. On The Line (w/solo)

5. The Way, The Truth and The Life

6. Before Me

7. Concert Intro

8. Alone (Live)

9. You Need Love (Live)

10. Bang, Bang (Live)

11. Remember (Live)

12. Eyes Of Fire (Live)