Taking The Head Of Goliath - S/T [CD]

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Taking The Head Of Goliath's long awaited first studio recording. Get ready for something beyond brutal. . .

Beginning from the ashes of previous projects with the goal of creating a Christ-centered, more-crushing-than-a-ten-ton-bulldozer amalgam of brutal death metal with all the genre’s various technical, grinding and thrashy subgenres to completely obliterate the sensibilities of their listeners. Taking The Head Of Goliath—while on one hand, are precisely as violent and intimidating as their name might imply—are a force for life; a driving and dedicated display of a love for all things death metal that simply demands to be heard.

Track List:

1) Of Sin And Death
2) Oblivious Into Oblivion
3) The Expulsion Of Putrid Illusion
4) Trenches
5) This Present Darkness
6) Audacity To Inspire
7) Unearthed/Iniquity's End