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On this one a picture is worth a thousand words! Finally a Stryper collectible for us Stryper nerds! Ha, ha! But if you snoozed on this one you already lost out! These were pretty much sold out while they were still in production! Then the ones the band DID have left they already SOLD OUT as well!

So here is the deal! I bought not 1 but 2 of these very cool once in a lifetime Stryper battle vans! With the sole purpose of just trying to recoup some money on mine! 

In this photo you see my personal van out in the open. Inside each box there was also a very cool litho that you see here titled 'Legacy 1984-1991' as well as a very cool and unique embroidered patch! 

In the box next to it is the 'SEALED' box that my second one came in! I never even opened it! You will get that exact box shipped to your house via priority mail! This is your chance to own one for yourself! 

Yes I am listing it on this Black Friday sale day for $600 with your half price code you can own one for yourself for $300

If it does not sell this weekend we will throw this one up on eBay and let the masses begin the bidding war on this one!