Stryken - First Strike [CD]

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This is a RARITY! Especially at this price! We only have a handful and we know for a fact these are very scarce!

This is the amazing 1987 debut from STRYKEN with a list of Great Songs, Lifting Anthems and Glam Rockers! Their music has been given many names in the past but their sound carries a uniqueness of it's own, generally falling into the GLAM METAL genre, while following a special THUNDER ROCK path or taking the HARD ROCK highway. Sometimes bombarding the listener with some Bombastic Anthems, while other times easing down to a bit of Power Ballads or even Beatlelike tunes.

Overall a superb Album and a Real Rare Collector's Relic!

And... In the BEST condition you'll ever find it! BRAND NEW / STILL SEALED!!

AND!!! This version is the only version containing the original Bonus tracks from the bands debut demo when they called themselves Stryker

We don't expect these copies to last long so get one soon!


1 Crush The Head Of Satan
2 One Way
3 The Answer
4 State Of Emergency
5 First Strike
6 Rock On
7 The Young Men Have A Vision
8 Riot
9 Surprise

Bonus Tracks

Stryker - Blitzkrieg Demos

10 Blitzkrieg
11 Look Away
12 I'm Alright
13 Need Your Love
14 Circus Man
15 Right Of Way
16 Cross The Line
17 Played
18 It's Over