Stricken - Stricken [CD]

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ALMOST GONE FOREVER ( A Personal Roxx Favorite )

Stricken was formed in March 2006 and is managed by Liferock Productions. Although they are a new band, all members are veterans of the Christian Metal scene. Comprised of former members of Krush,Tower of Hundred and Fullife - Stricken has taken the best of all three bands and combined them into the new project fusing together both old and nu-metal influences creating a fresh, new style of metal that is captivating Southern California. This is their debut full length CD.

Track List:

01. Awakened
02. Deception
03. Final Day
04. Won't Give In
05. Gethsemane
06. Vicious Cycle
07. Creation
08. Commander
09. Heavy Laden
10. Ain't Got Nothin'
11. Wait And See
12. Fallen Land
13. Live Bonus Tracks


Dave Merriwether (Vocals)
Corey Newton (Guitars)
Matt Kearney (Guitars)
Rik Bernotas (Bass Guitar)
Brian Scottini (Drums)