Steve Yost - Behold [CD]

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The debut CD from Steve Yost is now available and shipping. This double CD set entitled 'Behold' is a true masterpiece. Fans of Larry Norman and Randy Stonehill will really enjoy this limited edition release. Great music and a Great testimony from an obviously annointed man of God! Disc 1 of 'Behold' is entitled 'The Hope' and features 17 tracks of hope and inspiration including the killer track 'Petrafied' written and performed in honor of the band Petra , one of Steve's many influences. Disc 2 is entitled 'The Prophecy' and contains more prophetic music as well as a spoken piece entitled ' The Prophecy'

Disc 1~Steve Yost “ The Hope”

1.“The Answer” 3:00
2.“Walking in the Light”3:55
3.“We Can Do” 6:45
4."Behold the Lamb 3:45
5.“We are His” 4:21
6. “Change My Life” 4:15
7. “Do You Believe?” 3:42
8. “Eastern Skies” 6:12
9. “Petrafied” 6:58
10.“Take My Life” 3:07
11.“Roll My Blues Away”3:15
12.“Seek Out” 2:35
13.“The Price is Right” 2:18
14”The Olympian” 9:23
15.”Two Roads”3:07(instrumental)
16.”Moonlit Waters” 2:32(instrumental)
17.”Feel the Breeze”3:32

Disc 2~Steve Yost “ The Prophecy”

1.Prelude to the intro
2.”Intro~”Behold”/”the Prophecy” spoken 17:43
3.”Create in Me”2:16
4.”The End Time Prophecy”20:25
5.”The Race is Almost Over” 8:50
6.”A Picture and a Tear”5:10
7”Miss You” 3:10
8”What Makes a Dad” 2:34
9.”More Beautiful”2:30
10.” My Earthly Father” 6:40
11.”Behold” the finale 4:22