Step Cousin - Innocence Before Oblivion

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Step Cousin excellent Christian thrash metal. We just acquired these, some of the very last copies of this classic release.

brand new and sealed.

1. “Deceiver” (3:09) 2. "Break My Legs" (3:07)
3. "Lonely Garden" (3:20)
4. "Wash Away" (2:56)
5. "Standing on the Mountain" (6:26)
6. "Power Jukie" (3:14)
7. "Hate Me" (4:12)
8. "I Was Alive" (3:35)
9. "Hook Through the Lip" (3:21)
10. "Inside This Mind" (3:42)
11. "God in a Box" (3:53)
12. "Spell of the World" (4:06)
13. "Treading Tainted Waters" (3:27)

"Innocence Before Oblivion" is mid-paced, groove oriented heavy metal. For some reason I remember the first album being a bit heavier and more thrash oriented that this CD. The first three tracks actually remind me of Eternal Decision. It's not until track four "Wash Away" that the band kicks up the tempo a bit. This song actually reminds me of Mortification, with even the vocals emmulating Steve Rowe here and there. The Mortification influence continues right into the next few tracks, "Standing on the Mountain", "Power Junkie" and especially "God in a Box". "I Was Alive" is a slow, doomy song that was originally written by Randy Rose. The lyrics, as on their first disc, are straight forward evangelistic, dealing with Christian issues and even some moments of pure Adonia worship. Also worth mentioning is that the cover art was done by Troy Dunmire, who has done many of Mortification's covers as well.