SoulMost Trust - The Art of Redeeming [CD]

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Out of print and hard to find is this one. SoulMostTrust Soul Most Trust or SoulMost Trust as it seems to be listed different ways as one, two or three words. LOL

Great Christian Metalcore or Melodic Death Metal from Colombia. I'm not sure they are still active or not but they were a really good band in this style of music. And this title is out of print and hard to find. We only have 4 copies from a recent lot we purchased and these are brand new, but were not sealed. We repackaged them like we do many titles we get from outside of the US. (it saves shipping costs and allows to keep the resale value a few bucks cheaper)

Track Listing:

1. The Art of Redeeming 04:31
2. Until Star Fall Down 04:46
3. Beyond the Thorns 04:13
4. The Hope of a Broken Heart 03:37
5. Steel Lion 02:54
6. Vital Choice 04:34
7. Undeserved Grace 05:01
8. Unspotted 03:21
9. Soulmost Trust 03:25
10. Doxology 03:37
TOTAL: 39:59