SOLDIER - Babylon & Beyond [2CD]

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LIMITED EDITION of 400 Copies only

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Roxx Records is very excited to bring one of our very own personal favorite recordings back to life. ! We are extremely happy to bring you the complete recording history of one of the Bay area's finest Christian metal bands of the late 80's SOLDIER ! The music of SOLDIER has been a personal favorite of ours, and one we have wanted to release for many years now, and this year the bands full length release Babylon is celebrating its 30th Anniversary in 2018! This album and band should have been WAY bigger in our humble opinion, Alas, like many very talented bands of that era (Malachia and Eternal Ryte come to mind) they somehow got lost in the shuffle or over looked by the major labels of the day pushing and promoting Christian metal.

We are very excited to bring you not just Babylon, but the bands entire recording catalog back to life on CD and vinyl for the very first time! Babylon was originally released on cassette tape only and 5000 of those were pressed back then! Before Babylon the band would also release another demo on cassette tape only entitled Louder Than Hell with only 1000 copies of this one being pressed, both are impossible to find these days. After those two releases the band would get to go in to the studio and work with acclaimed producers, John and Dino Elefante, where they would work on and record two tracks that would be released on the compilation California Metal II. This would mark what would be the last recordings the world would see from Soldier, until now!

Roxx Records will be releasing Babylon & Beyond the 30th Anniversary release of Soldier! This anthology style release will be a full jam packed release over 2 CD's with a full 16 page booklet loaded with band photos and archived images, with all new liner notes and commentary from lead guitarist Rick Martinez. The CD will also feature all new cover art designed by Jimmy Arceneaux, with 2 different covers for the CD and vinyl versions! Both being officially unveiled below for the first time!

The disc will be limited to a one time pressing of 500 pieces. Disc 1 will contain the entire Babylon album, the Louder Than Hell demo and end with the two tracks from California Metal II. Disc II will include 4 previously unreleased tracks that the world has never heard before! These special 4 tracks were recorded in 1992, when the band would go in to the studio and record a 4 track demo after the interest of a record label prompted this reunion. These tracks were ultimately shelved since they were recorded and are being released from the bands personal archives for the first time ever! Also on disc 2 there will be an entire live show recorded by the band that has also been in the bands archive and never heard before. This show was recorded live at the HIS I Festival in Riverside California, and was somewhat unofficially dubbed "The Mormon Show" (You'll have to hear the show for yourself to understand why!). Ending the CD is one more long last track entitled "Call My Name" that was recorded live and rarely played and was never officially recorded in the studio.

Additionally the entire Babylon album will also be released on a one time limited edition White Vinyl release as part of the Roxx Underground series as #10 in the series, limited to 150 hand numbered copies only. AND if that still is not enough for you there will be a limited edition bonus DVD disc limited to only 100 copies. The DVD is entitled "Babylon & Beyond - Through The Years LIVE". This special DVD features various live performances throughout the bands career and pulled from never before seen videos captured live by the father of Rick Martinez through the years. A very special companion piece you won?t want to miss out on that was beautifully compiled by our friends at Kruse FX. Check out a sneak peak of the bonus DVD here.

The first single off the upcoming 30th anniversary of Babylon is a track the world may have never got to hear if not for this two disc remastered anthology set. Enjoy the new lyric video and be sure to read the story about this long lost track! Help us start sharing it all over and please request it at all your local rock radio stations of all types anywhere!


Disc 1

Babylon (1988)
01. Babylon
02. Louder than Hell
03. Deadly Weapons
04. One of a Kind
05. Priceless Heart
06. Where Have All The Children Gone
07. King of the City
08. Borderline
09. Angel
10. First Time
11. Promises
Louder Than Hell (1987)
12. Heart of Stone
13. Somebody New
14. Angel
15. King of the City (Live)
16. Glory & Honor (Live)
17. Priceless Heart (Live)
18. Heart of Stone (Live)
California Metal 2 (1988)
19. Borderline
20. Tears

Disc 2

Previously Unreleased Tracks (1992)
01. When I Finally See Your Face
02. Blues for the Fallin'
03. Thru the Past Darkly
04. Down on the Killin' Floor
"The Mormon Project" Live From His Festival I [Riverside, CA] (06-27-87)
05. Intro (Live)
06. King of the City (Live)
07. One of a Kind Romance (Live)
08. Angel (Live)
09. Glory and Honor (Live)
10. Somebody New (Live)
11. First Time (Live)
12. Guitar Solo (Live)
13. Heart of Stone (Live)
Previously Unreleased Track
14. Call My Name (Live)