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After Neoshine re-emerged as Sinbreed, they cut to the chase with their album 'When Worlds Collide' in early 2010. This band is all about power metal, no questions asked. The band consists of Seventh Avenue's frontman Herbie Langhans' characteristic vocals, Blind Guardian's drummer Frederik Ehmke focusing everything together along with Florian Laurin's powerful guitar work (as well as his flourishes of piano playing) and Alex Schultz's awesome bass playing .

The album opens with an acoustic intro to "Newborn Tomorrow", and goes on to become one of the best on the album. It quickly drops into "Book of Life", another good song that will leave the listener begging for more. They are quickly satisfied with "When Worlds Collide", which summarizes the entire album, and shows the strengths of each member's playing and Herbie's vocals to weave an incredible song. If that song does not satisfy your thirst, don't worry, they're not done yet. Up next is "Dust to Dust", which jumps straight in line with the rest of the album, to pound the listener with aggressive riffage, Frederik's amazing drumming, and a nicely composed solo. "Infinity's Call" comes in to speed things up, however, this song seems like a "filler" to me. Don't get me wrong, the songwriting is solid and the playing is great, but it seems a little too similar to the other songs. Kinda of like a great idea done a bit worse then was originally imagined/planned. However, "Through the Dark" balances things and gives you more of Sinbreed's great songwriting and range. "Enemy Lines" is next and becomes another song to add to this band's continually growing list of memorable songs. This song is solid, and it shows no sign of letting up. "Room 101" comes in with a pleasant surprise...Thomas Rettke paired with Herbie Langhans for vocals. The exchange between the two is great, refreshing, and Herbie hits a great note at 2:43. The two paired together creates an epic atmosphere and "Arise" introduces itself quite nicely and continues to build on this album's epic music. Unfortunately, this album has to end sometime and last is "Salvation", with a nice composition in the beginning. Fortunately, Sinbreed shows no sign of slowing down and Salvation quickly hooks the listener to become a masterpiece. It also has some welcoming folk influence throughout the song. In all, this album will leave the listener satisfied with the band's songwriting and performance.

Notable songs: Newborn Tomorrow, When Worlds Collide, Enemy Lines, and Arise.

Track Listing

1 Newborn Tomorrow 4:44
2 Book Of Life 4:07
3 When Worlds Collide 3:53
4 Dust To Dust 4:30
5 Infinitys Call 3:44
6 Through The Dark 3:56
7 Enemy Lines 4:19
8 Room 101 4:35
9 Arise 4:17
10 Salvation 5:05