SHAMASH - Suffering Servant (2020 CD EP)

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Debut release from Malaysian metal band Shamash featuring Andre Chiang of Necromanicide and Vultures Gathering.

A common theme within metal seems to be the use of fire as way to articulate the fires of Hell, burning evil, or the nefarious. Yet, fire can also be viewed as a light source, power, and an ignition or spark to ignite others to take action. Within Jewish culture, the candle used to light the other eight candles of a Hanukkah menorah is known as a shamash. A shamash is also defined as the person who assists in the running of a temple (synagogue) or its religious services. In short, a shamash is a servant. The euphemism of the servant being a candle lighting the fires of other branches best describes the ministry of Shamash as a band, to serve and to bring light and fire to others.

From the southernmost tip of Asia, on the edge of the equator hails metal maestros, Shamash. To be exact, the band calls Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia home. Like an emblazoned flame in the darkness, they are indubitable about being advocates and servants of the Most High. One listen should fuel the flame in any true metal maven as heavy, intense, melodic and peppered with chorales of death emanate from the speakers. Shamash tastefully marries ancient Gregorian choir with the workings and onslaught of a Death Metal/Grindcore band. But, just when you think that you’ve figured Shamash out, the embers flow into the air in a different direction bringing a melodic flavor found in the instruments and voice. There is no extinguishing the consuming fire set forth from the Author of Fire and if Shamash’s debut e.p. “Suffering Servant” is any indication, the blaze that is growing will be an uncontrollable wildfire in a flash.

The band was forged in shadows as a union between Andre, Alexander and Darren. Shamash is now an ignited juggernaut with three decades of combined metal experience tucked under their collective belts, ready to illuminate and ignite worldwide. Founder Andre was formerly a member of Asia’s pioneering Christ-centered death metal outfit, Necromanicide (3 decades ago). Alexander and Darren were remnants from Army of Three (2 decades ago). Even though Shamash began in 2020, do not mistake these veterans as novice.

Track Listing:

1) For Unto Us
2) At The Throne
3) Spiritus Sanctus
4) Suffering Servant
5) The View In My Soul