Seventh Power - Seventh Power [CD]

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The Seventh Power is the band fronted by Bill Menchen, guitarist for both Titanic and Final Axe. Robert Sweet (STRYPER) fills in on drums, and admits this is some of his most accomplished work! Retroactive Records is thrilled to unleash this monumental classic metal release upon the world! Fans of classic Ozzy and Black Sabbath will find receive this with open arms. No frantic, speed metal anthems here. Instead you'll discover a doomy, sinister elegance built on Menchen's minor-key innovations. The Seventh Power delivers a seemingly endless supply of crushingly loud & heavy riffs to bludgeon their audiences into sweet, willing oblivion.

1. Christ Died 03:13
2. Enthroned 04:30
3. Eyes in the Skies 03:30
4. Far from Fear 04:25
5. Heavens Gates 03:33
6. Human Sacrifice 03:22
7. Emotion Motion 03:20
8. Possessor of You 03:46
9. Seven Golden Lampstands 03:32
10. The Power 04:11