Scott Springer - Hello Forever (Halo 3) 2020 Remaster

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Brand new and just released from Girder Records the Scott Springer solo album! Or what you should really call 'Halo Vol III'

The 3rd HALO album
Release Date May 31st 2020
Remastered by Rob Colwell

Originally released in 1993 on Pakaderm, this is the 3rd HALO album that lead singer Scott referred to in many articles. It was turned into a solo project but it is absolutely authentic HALO, somewhat on the milder edge but songs like Psycho Babble will remind you of just how HALO it is. Recently Scott was writting up some history for the HALO project and had this to say.

"After much prayer and consideration, the 3rd Halo album became a Scott Springer solo project called Hello Forever. Mike chose to continue in the ministry we were called to, by partnering with me in the solo effort, and always being by my side on the road as sound engineer and manager, and also serving as my booking agent. Mike also played drums on Hello Forever." - Scott Springer

It's been completely remastered and was also produced by John and Dino Elephante as was their first 2 HALO albums.

Track Listing: 

Hello Forever
Behold The Lamb
Psycho Babble
The Victory
His Name Is Jesus
Stand Up
On My Knees
Wounded Soldier