SCARLET OATH - Where Their Worm Dieth Not (CD) 2022

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ARTIST: Scarlet Oath

TITLE: Where Their Worm Dieth Not

RELEASE DATE: September 16, 2022

LABEL: The Charon Collective

MEDIA: CD - Jewel Case - 2 Panel Insert


Scarlet Oath is back and heavier than ever with "Where Their Worm Dieth Not!" Canada's extreme metal trio returns with their follow up to "Blood and Fire." Is this an EP or is this a full length album? You decide after listening to these four new sprawling and savage songs that clock in at around 43 minutes. Each sonic experience is peppered with the band's distinctive combination of death, doom, and black metal intermingled with haunting operatic vocals and guttural outcries of faith and despair.


Track Listing: 

1. Where Their Worm Dieth Not 12:40
2. Ichabod 07:44
3. The Howling 09:45
4. Cursed Earth 12:31