Saint - Too Late For Living (2020 LP Translucent Purple)

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  • 12x12 full color printed inner sleeve with rare band photos and lyrics
  • Remastered for Vinyl by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound
  • Special 2020 write up by bassist, Richard Lynch
  • Part of the Metal Icon Series
  • 200 Translucent Purple Vinyl
  • First time on 180 Gram Vinyl
  • 45 rpm (better sound than ever!)


What's the difference between 33rpm and 45rpm? Vinyl records sound better if they are cut at higher speeds. The higher the rpm, the faster the vinyl passes under the playback stylus. This means that for each second of playback more sound information goes from the stylus to your speakers at 45rpm than 33rpm. Therefore, your favorite record will literally sound better than ever....officially!


Coming in at #20 on the Christian Metal Realm’s 100 Greatest Christian Metal Albums, Saint’s 1988 release of Too Late For Living (Pure Metal Records) put out a beacon for metal fans, “Red alert star craft approaching everybody put on your gear” and metalheads took heed. The band’s third release combined powerful, hard driving heavy metal with convicting and engaging apocalyptic lyrics that sounded nothing like what your pastor wanted you listening to! Back in 1988, your mom might be hiding your Whiteheart cassette from you (too rocky, right?), but your sure as heck weren’t gonna let her find your Saint cassette! The songs on Too Late became instant life anthems that sustained the souls of angst-ridden, alienated youth across the globe.  While much of Christian metal served up a platter of cheesy lyrics, Saint’s lyrics were like none other – speaking Good News with confidence and authority - just what we needed. It wasn’t long before we were singing every word, to every song – even in our sleep.  Too Late found a way into the DNA of Christian metal fans, striking a chord with and meeting the needs of a generation who wondered if anyone understood. With a 2020 fresh remaster from the ground up, and elite packaging we promise this is THE ultimate and definitive reissue for Saint fans.  Yes, it’s that amazing! So, don’t you stop fighting, armor up starpilot!


Too Late For Living 3:57

Star Pilot 3:29

Accuser 2:00

The Rock 2:50

On The Street 3:38

Returning 4:48

The Path 3:48

Through The Sky 3:49

The War Is Over 3:16