Saint - The Revelation [CD]

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SAINT - REVELATION (2012, Retroactive Records)

Ever since the release of several heavy weight metal titles in the 80’s, the band has held a revered status among metal fans across the globe. In 2006, Saint continued their comeback with a quality metal release, The Mark. In 2011 the band remixed the album, and it was remastered by J Powell of Steinhaus. The improvements upon the original release were so dramatic the album was re-titled “The Revelation” and available in 2012 for the first time on CD as a 6 panel digipak on Retroactive Records! Music critic Angelic Warlord writes, "The Revelation represents the quintessential Saint album. It features what I consider the best ever group of songs from Saint. Yes, it matches Time’s End and Too Late For Living in terms of consistency but supersedes both from a quantity standpoint." For fans of Judas Priest, Bloodgood, Barren Cross, and Iron Maiden. 

Track List:

1 The Spirit 3:28
2 The Vision 3:58
3 Ride To Kill 3:27
4 He Reigns 4:21
5 On And On 3:13
6 The 7th Trumpet 4:07
7 The Mark 4:18
8 Bowls Of Wrath 4:25
9 Babylon The Great 4:05
10 Reaping The Flesh 4:18
11 Gog & Magog 4:49
12 Alpha & Omega 5:12