Saint - The Mark [CD]

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FOR A LIMITED TIME! We are able to offer you the Saint album 'The Mark' at a very very special LOW price! Get these quick too we cant offer this classic first pressing of this 2006 CD title forever!

The Mark was released on the band's own Armor Records label May, 2006. It consists of all new songs conveying the horror that is unleashed upon the earth when The Anti-Christ is revealed and requires that all people bow to his authority, or be unable to buy or sell.

This CD has 12 songs & a 6-page insert with lyrics.


1 The Spirit
2 The Vision
3 Ride To Kill
4 He Reigns
5 On And On
6 The 7th Trumpet
7 The Mark
8 Bowls Of Wrath
9 Babylon The Great
10 Reap The Flesh
11 Gog & Magog
12 Alpha & Omega