Saint - The Calf (CD - 2020 NEW Music)

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(*NEW-CD, 2020, Armor Records) 

Release Date: January 3, 2020


Get the new classic metal masterpiece from one of Christian metal's most iconic bands. This one is being hailed as strongly reminiscent of the band's powerful early catalog. Vocals by the talented Dave Nelson. Click on the Calf above or the link, and listen/watch to samples of the the new album on Video.

1. The Calf
2. Another Day
3. Psalms 23
4. Rise
5. Fine Line
6. Stormy Night
7. Fragile
8. Hell To Pay
9. The Fall
10. God Is God

Dave Neslon Vocals
Jerry Johnson - Mat Smith Guitars
Jared Knowland Drums
Richard Lynch - Bass