Sacrivox Music Festival [Compilation] [CD]

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Left Over CD's for those that could not attend the Music Fest!

Features some exclusive tracks from BioGenesis , XIII Minutes and more!

Track Listing!

SACRIVOX Music Fest 2018

Friday July 27, 2018


01. Grave Robber - Into The Pit (Punk, Rottweiler Records, Indiana)
02. Headnoise - M.A.D. (Punk, Independent, California)
03. Untilwedie - Mouthful of Spiders (Punk, Independent, California)
04. CPR - In The Business (Punk, Thumper Punk Records, California)
05. Doulos - Garden Blues (Punk, Independent, California)

Saturday July 28, 2018


06. Deliverance - The Black Hand (Thrash, Roxx Records, California)
07. Hand of Fire - Some Will Say (Thrash, Rottweiler Records, California)
08. Crushing the Deceiver - An Angel's Armor (Death/Thrash, Roxx Records, California)
09. AsFireFalls - Never Needed You (Modern Hard Rock, Independent, Idaho)
10. I Am Heir - I Am (Metalcore, Sancrosanct Records, Texas)
11. Relent - Rise (Modern Hard Rock, Independent, Texas)
12. River of Pure Blood - Comfort in Darkness (Metalcore, Independent, Texas)
13. Ecclesiast - High Horse (Metalcore, Sancrosanct Records, Missouri)
14. BioGenesis - Symbiosis [Mortification Cover] (Epic Power Metal, Roxx Records, Ohio) previously unreleased
15. Bred 4 War - Bloodshed (Independent, Missouri)

BONUS TRACKS appear courtesy of our friends at Rottweiler, Roxx and Retroactive Records your triple "RRR" threat to Christian Rock n Roll

16. XIII Minutes - Obsessed (Metalcore, Rottweiler Records, Oklahoma)
17. Final Prophecy - Through Eyes of Fire (Thrash, Roxx Records, Florida)
18. Perpetual Paranoia - Holy Ghost (Thrash, Retroactive Records, New Zealand)