Sacrificed , The - 2012 [CD]

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While reminiscent of bands such as early Queensryche, Sacred Warrior, Haven and Deliverance, we assure you these boys are no copy cats or tribute band. The Sacrificed are not afraid to tell the truth, with brave, inspirational lyrics that illustrate their strong stance for what they believe in. Combine all this with a classic Power Metal sound and "2012" is sure to please.

Track List:

01. System Failure
02. 2012
03. Freedom
04. No Promise of Tomorrow
05. The Return
06. Path to Righteousness
07. In Heaven
08. I Concede
09. Victorious
10. Father
11. Saved
12. Love and Hope
13. Believe
14. Slay the Wicked (Deliverance Cover)
15. Time

Band Members:

Eli Prinsen (Vocals/Guitar)
Johnny Bowden (Guitar)
Jay Williams (Drums)