SACRIFICE - APOCALYPSE INSIDE + Ltd Card (*NEW-CD, 2023, Brutal Planet) Classic Thrash Remaster!!!

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SACRIFICE - APOCALYPSE INSIDE + Ltd Card (*NEW-CD, 2023, Brutal Planet) Classic Thrash Remaster!!! 

  • Officially licensed from Metal Blade Records
  • 8 panel booklet in jewel case with lyrics and photo collage of rarities
  • Remastered to perfection by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound
  • Includes Ltd band Collector Card (1st pressing only)
  • 1993 Metal Blade Records Classic
  • Sacrifice was part of the Canadian "Big Five" Thrash bands
  • Part of the elite Metal Icon Series collection on Brutal Planet Records
  • Limited to just 1000 CDs!
  • The band toured with Believer & Bolt Thrower!  


Toronto's Sacrifice is one of the most criminally underrated thrash metal bands of all time.  THE METAL ARCHIVES

When I heard "Apocalypse now" I was gut-punched! incredible album guys. If you like old school thrash metal you simply MUST own this. it is surprisingly smart, well but not over produced, and very well written; Not only does EVERY song have a great hook, each track is a small metal masterpiece- I simply cant say enough good about this recording. THIS is what metal was always supposed to be.  CD REVIEWER

Yes, I said it. I mean it as well. I like this album better than any album ever made by Kreator, Slayer, Megadeth, Testament, Metallica, Destruction, Sodom, Anthrax, Exodus, or any of the really great neo-thrash bands. I'm including Reign In Blood. I love Sacrifice and this is their best album. Made at a time when playing thrash was completely unpopular.  CD REVIEWER

Loads of chunky riffs... The music itself is tight, technical and filled with memorable hooks


Toronto's Sacrifice is one of the most criminally underrated thrash metal bands of all time. Formed in 1983, SACRIFICE was one of the best Canadian thrash metal bands in the 1980s. While the USA had its big 4 (Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, Slayer), Canada also had its own big 5 – VOIVOD, RAZOR, ANNIHILATOR,EXCITER and Toronto’s SACRIFICE. The band released three albums during the 80s (Torment In Fire, Forward To Termination and Soldiers Of Misfortune) that are all considered to be absolute thrash metal classics. Even with high expectations, SACRIFICE blew thrash fans away with the epic Apocalypse Inside (1993). Ridiculously difficult to find, the CD has been selling for outrageous sum of money in the collectible markets.  The 2023 Brutal Planet Records comes packaged in a jewel case, with an 8-page booklet, and a Ltd Collector Card of Sacrifice (1st pressing only)! The album has been remastered to perfection (Rob Cowell of Bombworks Sound) adding a brilliance and warm, dynamic feel not on original release. Limited to just 1000 CDs. For fans of Bolt Thrower, Believer, Death, Coroner, Death Angel!  

Track Listing 
My Eyes See Red 2:24
Apocalypse Inside 3:41
Flesh 3:10
Salvation 5:05
Beneath What You See 5:25
Incarcerated 5:38
Ruins Of The Old 5:01
The Lost 4:57
Freedom Slave 4:03