Sacred Warrior - Obsessions [CD] REMASTER

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Artist:Sacred Warrior
Title: Obsessions (Metal Icon Series)
Product ID: RRCD1490
Label: Retroactive Records
Format: CD, Jewel, 16 page booklet w lyrics
Barcode: 637405139044
Release Date: May 12, 2019

Sacred Warrior’s fourth release Obsessions (1991) was the culmination of four great years of work. To quote Jonathan “Doc” Swank from the Heaven’s Metal Top 100 Christian Metal Albums Of All-Time list – where Obsessions ranked #7 “Christendom’s best power metal band ever hit their high-water mark with this collection of songs which perfectly blended Queensrÿche, Iron Maiden and their unique and inspiring take on the scene.” One of the greatest aspects of this album remains just how real and visceral are the music and the words conveyed through this metal. The over-arching thread was the faithfulness of God – that no matter how bad life gets with addictions (“Obsessions”), no matter what death steals from us in this world (“Sweet Memories”), no matter how far we stray in our faith (“No Turning Back”), no matter how much the world’s ways seem wise to us (“Kamikaze”), no matter how isolated we feel from God because of our sins (“Remember Me”) – that God is faithful, and God is there for us (“Fire From Heaven”). And while evil roams this earth constantly looking for prey (“Mad Man”) the hope and faith we have in Christ sets us free (“Temples On Fire”). What a dynamic album that breaks it all down in such a simple and human way. This progressive metal soundtrack to these eternal observations is both exceptionally executed and timelessly relevant. Undisputedly, one of the finest moments in Christian metal history, Obsessions has been gloriously remastered and while many fans might not believe much else could be added to this album to make it better from an audio standpoint, J Powell at Steinhaus has managed to add a sonic crispness and punch that makes the walls reverberate. Most importantly, the “bright” quality of the music is liberated. These metallic anthems have retained their power and relevance for nearly 30 years – a testament to the legacy of Sacred Warrior – and now they sound wonderfully fresh and revitalized in 2019! The 2019 Retroactive Records CD reissue is the third of the Metal Icon Series, and features a 16 page booklet packed with band photos, a write up from Heaven’s Metal Magazine’s Jonathan “Doc” Swank, lyrics, Inside Scoop by second guitarist Jonathan Johnson, and more! This is THE definitive reissue of one of Christian metal’s most definitive albums. For fans of Recon, Queensryche, and Crimson Glory! Limited Edition 500 CDs!

Track List:

1 Wings Of A Dream 4:48
2 Sweet Memories 4:31
3 Turning Back 4:11
4 Obsessions 4:46
5 Kamikaze 4:49
6 Remember Me 4:40
7 Fire From Heaven 4:16
8 Temples On Fire 4:03
9 Mad Man 6:13