Rose - Songs For The Ritually Abused [CD]

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Brand new just released CD version on the new album from Rose entitled Songs for the ritually abused!

Here is what Randy Rose says about the new album...

"This record is dedicated to anybody that didn’t have a voice to scream through the soundproof walls in that old modular trailer- where the neighbors were used to the police coming and somehow staying for hours like they actually belonged there. For the little ones that tear up with the aroma of melting wax. For the ones with all the bruises and all the cuts, that were told nothing ever happened… it was all a dream. For the ones whose voice was stolen before they could say a word. It says in the Bible that God is close to the brokenhearted and the crushed in the spirit. So whether many of you can relate to this, or know someone who can, most of these kids don’t even make it out of the institutions. I have met several of these people, teens and adults- and there’s something so similar about all of their stories, they’re consistent- there is a way out. That’s what this album is all about- the escape for the abused."

Track List:

1 The Tortured Girl/Bye Bye Hands/Songs For The Ritually Abused 8:34
2 Keep You To Myself 5:44
3 Medication 3:41
4 Whispering Whales 4:15
5 Kellan And The Illustrator 4:26
6 Micky 4:33
7 The Girl 7:01
8 Monster 4:23
9 Hell's Locked From The Inside 4:30
10 When Will I Be Loved? 5:27