Rosanna Palmer - Stolen Innocence [CD]

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We are very excited to be carrying Rosanna's titles on our site. She is an amazing woman of God and has been a valuable contributor to the Christian metal scene for years. These titles are very hard to find in the USA, but we have a few in stock now.

The CD ‘Stolen Innocence’ was recorded by Rosanna Palmer to raise awareness and support for the release of these sexual slaves.

Pastor Rosanna Palmer is a veteran of the Australian Christian music scene. As lead guitarist and vocalist in the hard rock band ROSANNA’S RAIDERS, she has been writing, recording and performing fore several decades. The band’s albums received worldwide distribution in the 1980s. Rosanna has recorded a number of solo albums as well as numerous praise and worship projects.

“Stolen Innocence” is the title of Rosanna Palmer’s latest album. For Rosanna, it is a project with a purpose way beyond selling units and maximising profits. She is particularly passionate about the possibilities for this album.

“After attending the Colour conference in Sydney, I was freshly alerted to the horrific problem of human trafficking,” states Rosanna. “On hearing of the vast number of victims in captivity, I was faced with the challenge of what I could do personally.”

“I began to ponder the often-asked question ‘What have you got in your hand?’ Moses had a stick in his hand and God used that in a mighty way. I realised that I also had a stick in my hand; it just happened to be in the shape of a guitar. One thing I could do was write songs and record them. That’s how the “Stolen Innocence” album and project were conceived. I began to write some new songs, but realised that I had previously written others that are also appropriate for this new venture.”

“Many of my earlier songs were inspired by the street girls who either lived or visited with us, and by those we visited each week in prison. We also met up with many of them on Fitzroy Street in St Kilda where my husband Dave and I eventually pioneered a church.”

With so many encounters involving damaged and vulnerable young women, Rosanna found it relatively easy to write songs that related to people caught up in horrific circumstances.

“Originally I thought the purpose of the album was to minister to girls to let them know someone was thinking about them and that they are valuable. I thought about giving copies to people working with girls on the streets. Then I realised that I could also sell albums with the proceeds going to help liberate entrapped girls and to assist in giving them a new start in life.”

To test this idea, in 2010, Rosanna produced a pre-release CD with four of the songs. “I was astounded at the outcome,” says Rosanna. “Wherever we have talked about the project, there has been an overwhelming response with people not only buying the pre-release, but also donating to the cause.”

“I believe that God’s heart aches over the human trafficking situation, as does mine. We have already been able to finance the release of some girls, and now that the album is completed, I am praying about the next step – partnering with others to see maximum results in the releasing of many desperate young girls and women.”

Track Listing

1. Intro
2. Little bit of love
3. Lonely child
4. Stolen innocence
5. Something is missing
6. Whose words
7. You are loved
8. Where does my hope come from?
9. One touch of your love
10. I surrender
11. Your love leads me to a higher place
12. Walking by faith