RITUAL SERVANT - Redemptio (7” single) #4 of 4 and final in series

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Release date 7/28/23

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Ritual Servant the final chapter is upon us


Ritual Servant fans the time has come! It is time to finally unveil the complete picture! Over a year and a half ago we launched the first 7 inch single containing the first two songs from ‘Albus Mendacium’. Over the preceding months we would release single number two and single number three for a total of six of the eight songs that are now released on the brand new full length album.

Each of these 7 inch singles form 25% of a complete picture, actually a complete work of art hand painted by artist Noel Puente. Now the time has come to unveil the fourth and final 7 inch single to complete this unique masterpiece.

This Friday pre-orders will launch for that fourth and final 7 inch single titled ‘Redemptio’ for the very special pre order price of $9.77 for the black vinyl 7” and $11.77 for the very limited white vinyl 7” until the official release date on July 28th.

Take a look at how amazing this came out and take the first look at the complete picture. Pre-orders launch Friday at 7 AM PST. The white vinyl is limited to only 50 pieces and is sure to become a collectors item.

Also be sure to pick up the new album ‘Albus Mendacium’ wherever you purchase your fine music from, or directly from our site.


Side A

40 Years

Side B

Revelations 3:16