Ritual Servant - 777 (CD EP) Only 250 Released

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ACTUAL RELEASE DATE: May 29, 2020 (Delayed Due to Covid-19 Delays) 

Christian Thrash at its ultimate best is what you get here! The 3 track demo that started it all for one of the best new Christian thrash bands around, Ritual Servant! This is a very cool one time and one time only limited edition CD pressing of the very first 3 track demo as recorded by Ritual Servant. 

Released only in digital format on April 30th 2016, this demo turns 3 years old on that day and in celebration we will release this special CD pressing on that day and only limited to 250 copies never to be pressed again! These 3 tracks were so special we felt the need to make a physical product to offer to the fans and collectors out there.

Check out the demo version of ‘Seven Trumpets’

If you want pure Christian thrash bold and unashamed this is the band you MUST hear! As the band likes to state… ‘Scripture Based –Christ Exalted – Metal Gospel’

Track Listing

1. Seven Trumpets
2. The Sacrifice
3. The Just

Also don’t forget we are down to less than 20 copies of the debut album ‘Metallum Evangelii’ on vinyl which was limited only to 100 copies, or the debut full length on CD.