Revelation - Spiritual Wind [CD/DVD]

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REVELATION - SPIRITUAL WIND (CD + DVD SET) 2018 Thrashback Records


Revelation were formed in the mid-80’s in the then small town of Jupiter, Florida, the northern most town within the greater West Palm Beach area. Jupiter was best known for its horse ranches and as the home of actor Burt Reynolds, and five high school friends with a love for Iron Maiden and Judas
Priest set out to change all that.

From day one Revelation began writing and rehearsing original music and set out to quickly hone their songwriting beyond the bands jam room by hitting the stage with well known local acts such as Lady Sabre, Intruder, Warinstoch and Eden Rock; as well as national acts such as Messiah Prophet

and Barren Cross. In 1988 the band would enter a popular West Palm Beach studio, Saturn Sound Studios, to record their first demo. Vocalist Mike Roy recalls, “We had no idea what we were doing. We had 4-hours

to record and mix everything, I had the flu, I didn’t even know there was a left and right side to the studio headphones! We were schooled that day”. The result of this session was the 3-song demo “Visions”. The tape would go on to garner the band favorable press and a growing fan-base due to the burgeoning tape trading circuit of the time.

Over the course of the next year, the band would continue hitting stages across the State (with chaperones as they were all still in high school) and writing new music. In 1988, armed with and albums worth of material, the band teamed up with local producer Steven Miles to independently record their first album, “Spiritual Wind”.

Revelation would continue to gain momentum over the next few years, including talks with major label Atlantic Records. Eventually in 1991 the band would call it a day with three of the five members moving onto their next chapter as Brother Grimm. ThrashBack Records is pleased to announce the release of this 30th Anniversary Edition. This release also marks the first title in our planned “Florida Metal Archive Series”.

Running Scared
Spiritual Wind
Young Warrior
Children of the City Nights
Stop the Rain
Hunting the Devil
Good Cause

VISIONS (1987)
You’re Not the Only One
Good Cause

Live at Cornerstone ‘89
Bonus Live Clips: ‘88-’89
Behind the Scenes: ‘88-’90