Rapture - Vacation From Hell: The Demos 1985-1997 [2CD]

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RAPTURE - VACATION FROM HELL (2-CD Set, 2019, Retroactive Records)

- 1985-1997 Demos - Two CDs and over 2 hours of amazing METAL!

Rapture played with all the big names as they toured and played all over

NM their home state. Brilliant, big time metal - a tragedy they were never signed. Eventually the band would become known as The

Artist: Rapture
Title: Vacation From Hell
Product ID: RRCD1482
Label: Retroactive Records
Format: 2-CD Set, Jewel, 16 page booklet w lyrics
Barcode: 637405138962

A brilliant New Mexico band who toured with the likes of Testament and Overkill along with Vengeance, Believer, and Deliverance - everyone thought Rapture would make it BIG! They had the look, they had the sound, they were professionals at their craft on every level. Yet, every time the big moment arrived to sign with a big label, it ended in disappointment. Fret not, dear thrashing metal heads! Retroactive Records has resurrected five essential Rapture demos from 1985-1997 that contain the essence of what made Rapture not just special, but ELITE heavy metal musicians. Yes, these are demos, so don’t expect million-dollar production, but the sound quality is still exceptional for demos, and you get the entire inside scoop written first hand as NoLifeTilMetal’s Scott Waters sat down with Rapture’s Paul Scazzafava to get all the Rapture details first-hand to share with YOU! The 2019 Retroactive Records 2-CD reissue features tons of rare band photos, write ups, and a 16 page booklet housed in a jewel case that make this set a collector’s dream. Expect a sound very similar to bands like early Deliverance, Metal Church, Anthrax, and Testament - those almost Geoff Tate-like high clean vocals mixed with traditional power metal and crunchy thrash. The band would later change their name to The Moshketeers. Limited to just 500 copies pressed!

1985 Rapture Demo
1. Death by the Sword
2. Make Your Move
3. Last Chance
4. As You Are
5. Garden of Gethsemane
1987 Rapture Demo
6. Death by the Sword
7. Give Your Life
8. Last Chance
9. Fall of the Dragon
10. Make Your Move
11. Worthy is the Lamb

1989 Vacation From Hell Demo
1. America
2. Suicide
3. Murder for a Profit
4. Locked in Chains
5. Forgotten Faces
6. The Ballad
7. Deception
1990 Moshketeers Demo
8. Posers of Deceit
9. The Life of Emptiness
10. Ye!
11. Nightmares
1996 Eternal Torment Demo
12. Eternal Torment
13. Return
14. Death or Life
15. Thelo Agnoia
16. Take My Life
17. Compromise