Pÿlon / My Silent Wake - Empyrean Rose [CD]

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Official Release Date or Street date for digital and CD retail sales is November 26, 2013!

Quam Libet Records in Switzerland and Roxx Records in Los Angeles are excited to announce a new joint venture of a brand new split release album featuring British Death /Doom Metal Band My Silent Wake and Switzerland's very own Doom Metal Band Pylon!

Roxx Records will secure distribution for North America while Quam Libet Records will handle distribution throughout Europe and Asia.

The album titled Empyrean Rose will be released on November 26, 2013 and will contain a total of 11 tracks. Five brand new and unreleased tracks from My Silent Wake and Six brand new or previously unreleased tracks from Pylon.

This album will be released in a strictly Limited Edition quantity, ONE TIME only digipack pressing of 500 pieces split between the two labels!

My Silent Wake

01. Tower Walk
02. Tearing Worlds Apart
03. Mirrored
04. NDE part 2
05. Welcome To The Village


06. Doomstone 2013 (ft. Jordan Cutajar)
07. Droid (Candlemass Cover)
08. By Loving Forces (Unreleased Track)
09. Falling In To The Sun (2013 Remix)
10. Golden Voice (2013 Remix featuring Matt Brand on Vocals)
11. Post Tenebras Lux (Unreleased Track)