Pÿlon - Armoury of God [CD]

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In conjunction with our new signing for 2013 and releasing the new Pylon album entitled 'The Harrowing of Hell' we have obtained a limited amount of copies of some of the bands earlier releases. We only have a few so get them while you can!

This is the bands 2011 release entitled 'Armoury of God' it features 11 tracks of blistering Christ inspired DOOM metal for your soul! This one was released in digipack format only.

This is Disc 3 of the bands trilogy!

1. The First Church 8:04
2. The Worm Within 5:26
3. In From The Funeral Fields 6:16
4. Gravestar 9:23
5. Hollow Sky 8:45
6. Cosmic Treasure 3:00
7. I lyki stin kardia mou 1:38
8. Hunter Angels 5:47
9. In Serpent Tongues 6:17
10. Somewhere In Nowhere 4:30
11. Death Is All Around 7:30