Pÿlon - A Lament [CD]

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Swiss doom metal outfit Pÿlon are very excited to announce the details of their latest release, which marks the bands 7th full length release. Working again with an excellent partnership between US label Roxx Records and in Europe on Quam Libet Records. The band's brand new effort entitled A Lament is scheduled for release on July 29, 2016.

In the two years since the release of Homo Homini Lupus, Pÿlon have made no progress whatsoever - which is the greatest compliment you can give this Swiss band of doom stalwarts. Again, they have managed to capture that particular down-tuned- slow-because-I-can magic on A Lament with eight brand new and epic tracks such as "Desolation Is Divine" or "Lazarus" but no less with more succinct numbers such as the paean to Clint Eastwood with the track "The Lone Rider" in its seven-minute briskness.

Back by popular demand is Matt Brand on Ozzy-tinged lead vocals. Ian Arkley does the honors of gracing the album with a majestic guitar solo on "The Day After The War" whilst Damir Eskic, representing the top echelon of Swiss Malmsteen disciples, takes the speed up a notch with a roaring lead break on "Desolation Is Divine".

This brand new album does it again, hitting a true home run for heavy metal fans and doom fans alike. This beautifully packaged Limited Edition digipack comes complete with a 12 page insert and complete lyrics enclosed.

Track List:

01. Cosmik Lizard 5:35
02. Desolation is divine 6:30
03. The Day After the War 5:19
04. Pantodynamos 6:19
05. Lazarus 9:34
06. Fair Haven of Thesterness 6:08
07. The Lone Rider 6:46
08. A Lament 2:07

Total playing time: 48:40

Band Members:

Matt Brand (Vocals, Guitar)
Reto Hardmeier (Bass)
Andrea J.C. Tinner / Beni Mayer (Drums)