Prophecy Foretold - A Brutal Christmas [CD]

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When A Brutal Christmas A Season In Chaos came out MANY Christian Metalheads were in Christmas heaven. Long out of print and very sought after but there was NEVER a sequel NOR a Christmas Comp even close to the same UNTIL NOW. Prophecy Foretold is a Brutal Compilation in the vein of that album. Three years in the making this album is here to WET your appetite for Brutal Christmas music.

Track List:

01. For All Mankind - Winter's Dawn
02. Gloria In Excelsis Deo - Adorned In Ash
03. Christmas Time Is Here - Sit At My Right Hand
04. Greensleeves (What Child Is This) - Vials Of Wrath
05. Slavior - Forfeit Thee Untrue
06. What Child Is This - Terraphobia
07. The Other Side - Black Leather
08. O Come Emanuel (The One Foretold) - Blood Thirsty
09. Journey To The North Pole - Rotting Serpent
10. Lies Of Santa Claus - Krig
11. Flight Of Victory - Quest For Serenity