Place of Skulls - As A Dog Returns [CD]

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Legendary Doom guitarist Victor Griffin (Pentagram) returns with 'As A Dog Returns' the 4th record from his acclaimed group Place of Skulls. 'As A Dog Returns' pushes the envelope with their songwriting talents and memorization of tracks like 'Psalms' , 'The Maker' and 'As a Dog Returns'. With the wall of sound and the band's reputation within the doom genre, 'As A Dog Returns' is a must have classic release you need to add to your collection.

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Track Listing: “The Maker” (5:05), “Breath Of Life” (6:08), “Though He Slay Me” (4:52), “Psalms” (5:29), “Dayspring” (9:55), “Timeless Hearts” (7:44), “He’s God” (4:54), “Desperation” (5:34), “As A Dog Returns”, (5:28)