Philadelphia - Warlord [LP]

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Release Date January 25, 2019

Roxx Records Underground Series #11

We are pleased to announce the next release in our very special hand numbered series called the Roxx Underground Series will be none other than the most recent Philadelphia album "Warlord". This release is number 11 in the series and is being pressed in a one-time pressing of only 150 hand numbered pieces. In case you missed out the first time with the limited edition CD pressing of Warlord we held back the very last 100 copies of that 500 piece pressing in anticipation of this limited vinyl release.

Track List:

Side A:
A1 Warlord
A2 Brothers In Arms
A3 Defender
A4 I'm Not Listening
A5 Prophecy

Side B:
B1 Wasteland
B2 Sane Asylum
B3 Son of the Morning
B4 Lady Fortune
B5 Way of the Skull

Band Members:

Brian Martini Drums
Phil Scholling Guitars
Brian Clark Vocals, Bass