Philadelphia - Warlord [CD]

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In 2016 the original core member trio of what was Philadelphia would reemerge with a brand new album aptly titled 'Warlord' yes some of the songs you see here were the remnants of those original tracks for that third album but these are all completely brand new recordings.

Roxx Records pressed only 500 copies of this newly recorded masterpiece on CD format! Complete with a special CD only bonus track and packaged in a clear tray jewel case complete with an 8 page lyric booklet. This package also features Limited Edition reversible artwork.

This Limited Edition deluxe edition CD was originally released on August 19, 2016.

Track List:

01 Brothers In Arms
02 Defender
03 I'm Not Listening
04 Prophecy
05 Wasteland
06 Sane Asylum
07 Son Of The Morning
08 Lady Fortune
09 Way Of The Skull
10 Warlord
11 Brothers In Arms [Demo] (Bonus Track)

Band Members:

Brian Martini (Drums)
Phil Scholling (Guitars)
Brian Clark (Vocals, Bass)