PETRA - Tribute Tributo Continental (CD) 2021 Mexico Import

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Mexican Import from EM Distro 

This is a really cool tribute to one of America's favorite Christian rock bands of all times. As the title suggests, this is truly a continental release with bands hailing from all over the world.

PETRA is, without a doubt, the most important Christian Rock band of all time, and their career of more than 40 years supports it. With more than 20 studio albums and more than 20 compilations, PETRA has made a unique trajectory. Tours around the world, prizes won, souls achieved, in short... PETRA has already been cemented in history. That is why bands from all over the world have come together with this worthy tribute to the legendary PETRA


CD tracklist

01 Sacrom - Adonai 4:35
02 Metanoia Project - Seen And Not Heard 4:20
03 Dynamis Kuba - Stand Up 3:29
04 Redimidos - Jekyll & Hyde 3:11
05 Hidekel - Test Of Time 3:03
06 Neumanation - No Doubt 5:05
07 Sangre Inocente - Good News 4:24
08 Sacred Saviour - Rey De Reyes 4:10
09 Saving Jackie - Ancient Of Days 4:16
10 Forte Unzione - Clamaré A Mi Señor 2:48
11 Migdal - Midnight Oil 3:16
12 Yom Kippur - Amo Al Señor 3:54
13 Seven Angels - It's All About Who You Know 3:11

13 total tracks, 49:42

Bands from all over the globe:

Sacrom from Peru
Metanoia Project from Argentina
Dynamis Kuba from Cuba
Redimidos from Paraguay
Hidekel from Ecuador
Neumanation from Argentina
Sangre Inocente from Guatamala
Sacred Saviour from Puerto Rico
Saving Jacking from USA
Forte Unzione from Mexico
Migdal from Uruguay
Yom Kippur from Chile
Seven Angels from Brazil