PANTOKRATOR - Marching Out Of Babylon (2021) CD

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RELEASE DATE: January 28, 2021


PANTOKRATOR's "Out of Babylon" was just eleased for 2021. Death metal fans should be VERY excited about this release.

Timon Kokott outdid himself with this brand new artwork. It was so big for the album cover they decided to make a special poster that also works as an inlay for the LP.

Limited to 300 copies worldwide on BLACK vinyl.

The CD version will have the entire "tower" as a fold-out inlay.

And for all you underground freaks, there will also be a CASSETTE version, limited to 99 copies! This will be a first in a new line of cassette tapes from our friends at Nordic Mission just for you tape collectors. Don't miss out!

We have no doubt - this is their ultimate album! Their absolute highlight and a MONSTER of a metal beast! Death metal - melodic, yet brutal! Join us for the escape "Out Of Babylon"! Are you ready?

Here is the lyric video for the song "Wedlock" featuring the awesome guitarwork of CJ Grimmark from Narnia!