Ozzy Osbourne - Scream: Tour Edition [2CD]

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This is the rare out of print 2 disc version of Scream sold exclusively at the shows during his 2010 tour. Featuring a bonus disc with demos and live tracks and a video on the making of the album. Out of print and hard to find for this price. Only a few available while they last.

Track List:

Disc 1

1. Let It Die, 2. Let Me Hear You Scream, 3. Soul Sucker, 4. Life Won't Wait, 5. Diggin' Me Down, 6. Crucify, 7. Fearless, 8. Time, 9. I Want It More, 10. Latimer's Mercy, 11. I Love You All

Disc 2

1. Hand of the Enemy, 2. One More Time, 3. Jump the Moon, 4. Bark at the Moon, 5. Let Me Hear You Scream, 6. No More Tears, 7. Fairies Wear Boots, 8. Let Me Hear You Scream [Video], 9. The Making of Let Me Hear You Scream [Video], 10. The Making of the Album Scream [Video]

Brand new and sealed with small promo hole punch in top of plastic case that is not on the booklet. See photo