Orphan Project - Spooning Out The Sea [CD]

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This was a part of a large collection that we recently bought. This is an extremely rare advance copy or promotional copy from Ne Plus Ultra Music promoting the Orphan Project album Spooning Out The Sea! 

This CD contains the full 10 track album and is packaged in a slimline jewel case with a 2 panel promotional card with a band biography on it! This CD is already long out of print and getting tougher to find but these promo CD's are extremely rare and you wont find these anywhere else!

Songs / Track Listing:

1. Reach (5:54)
2. Angels Desire (4:15)
3. Fallen (4:50)
4. To Me (4:12)
5. One Dark Moment (Providence) (5:37)
6. My Goodness (4:23)
7. Head On Your Platter (3:03)
8. Empty Me (5:00)
9. The Battle Rages On (4:37)
10. Spooning Out the Sea (5:22)

Total Time 47:13