Orationem - Pure Peace And Joy , Love and Kindness [CD]

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You brutal Metal fans are going to want this, one of the best brutal releases this year and we just got them in from the artist, a limited run and a very good CD to add to your collections.

This is the third release from Chicago area 'unblack' metal act Orationem with five brand new blistering tracks for your enjoyment for a total of 40 minutes on this brand new release soon to be a collector's item. Pick yours up now!

Track Listing:

1. Within You Is Healing, Comfort and Rest 06:33
2. That My Spirit Be Made Whole 07:39
3. Overwhelmed with Gratitude 08:25
4. Eternity with My Lord and Savior 08:58
5. Beauty in Your Creation 07:31
Total of 39:06 minutes