Oblivion Myth - In Your Arms (CD) 2020

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The third and brand new 2020 album from Oblivion Myth and this one does not disappoint! Continuing in the progressive metal vein Nahsville Tennessee band Oblivion Myth has done it again! After the critical success of the sophomore release 'Inside The Mirror' a lot was riding on this new release from Oblivion Myth and we can tell you they did it again! 

Check out the first single 'In Your Arms' and pick up one of the best 2020 Christian metal albums released this year! 

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Track Listing: 

01. Diadem 1:19
02. Thousand Years 3:57
03. The Veil 4:53
04. In Your Arms 5:27
05. Slow Burn 4:03
06. Love Child 5:01
07.  Another Life 5:13
08. The Price 5:27
09. Awake in the Night 6:56
10. Second Skin 6:10
11. Heirs to the Throne 9:40