Nostalgia - Demo [CD]

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This one is awesome and you aren't going to see this one anywhere else out there!

If you love the modern metal sound of bands like Disturbed or Papa Roach with bold faith based lyrics in your face, this on is for you!

This band seems to be picking up right where Stricken (One of our favorite bands of this style) left off!

This is a true collectible for Christian Metal fans as well! This is a Demo CD! Remember when bands used to do this a lot more! Get one of these quick before this band gets signed up and away and this fully pressed CD demo is a rarity!

Let's hope Nostalgia is here to stay!

Track Listing:

1. Dust
2. Rekindle The Flame
3. Escape
4. Justified Faith
5. The Separation
6. Remission Plan
7. Raise The Dead