Northern Flame - Twisted Reality

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Northern Flame Twisted Reality

Brand new 2021 release and a hot new import available in very limited quantities in the US


1. Twisted Reality          
2. Sanctification of the world

3. To The Throne                

4. Shimmering Solstice

5. Glowing Flower              

6. Broken Soul

7. Stone of grace                

8. Fuel my heart

9. Heaven & Hell                

10. Starfall on a cold winter´s night

11 Beutiful                          

12. Paradise

Northern Flame

The project called Northern Flame, originates from Pohjanmaa, Finland. This Melodic Metal project saw its first rays of light back in 2002. For a long time the band consisted of three members : Niclas Buss, Simon Granlund and Emil Stenros.

After releasing two demos they went in to hiatus as Emil had to leave the band due to studies in Southern Finland.

In 2009 Northern Flame became a full band consisting of six members.

Between 2015 and 2018 the band performed live in Finland and Sweden at metal oriented festivals, like Rainbow Rock Festival, Stockholm

At the present moment the band consists of five members and have just released a full-lenght album.

Line up:
SIMON GRANLUND - lead vocals
NICLAS BUSS - guitars & growl vocals, some of the lyrics
TRYGVE STRÖMVALL - keyboards & backing vocals, some of the lyrics
HENRIK BÖCKELMAN – bass & backing vocals