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Rare Out of Print - Christian DOOM - Last Copies

Release Date August 30, 2013 (Already celebrating 10 years old) 

Is there a speed limit in doom metal? If so, then NOMAD SON are surely close to breaking it on their third full-length album. It can certainly surprise some people who associate doom only with slow tempos, however they're not absent here either. Malta's cherished sons have returned with a spine-splitting and head-crushing juggernaut of an album that sees the band upping the dose of high octane traditional doom metal combined with a plethora of influences from '70s hard rock through NWOBHM to '80s classic heavy metal. While those influences remain the same (CANDLEMASS, KRUX, TROUBLE, PENTAGRAM, BLACK SABBATH, SAINT VITUS, DEEP PURPLE, ELP, ATOMIC ROOSTER...), NOMAD SON have clearly consolidated their own recognizable style with unique vocals and ominous soundscapes created by Hammonds. Doom or be doomed!

Track Listing:

1. Light Bearer 04:55
2. Age of Contempt 06:11
3. The Devil's Banquet 07:38
4. Only the Scars 06:56
5. Descent to Hell 05:03
6. The Darkening 06:20
7. Caligula 06:55
8. Orphaned Crown 05:11
9. Epilogue 02:29