NARNIA - Long Live The King (CD) 20th Anniversary New Sealed Import

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Jewel Case Edition

Narnia's second album; Long Live The King is one of the most popular albums by the band, packed with classic Narnia-songs, like Living Water, Dangerous Game, Shelter Through The Pain, The Mission, and the majestic title track Long Live The King. The album was first released in 1999, and now - 20 years after - released again with three bonus tracks; Living Water (2017 version), featuring Jens Johansson (Rainbow, Dio, Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force, Stratovarius, etc), Miracles, from the Japanese release, and Can't Get Enough of You.

Track Listing

1.1 Gates of Cair Paravel 1.2 Living Water 1.3 Shelter Through the Pain 1.4 The Mission 1.5 What You Give Is What You Get 1.6 The Lost Son 1.7 Long Live the King 1.8 Dangerous Game 1.9 Star Over Bethlehem 1.10 Miracle (Bonus Track) 1.11 Can't Get Enough of You (Bonus Track)