Mourning Diminsion , The - In Mourning [CD]

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The Mourning Dimension has returned to offer up the highly anticipated release of their Full Length album "In Mourning"! This album features hand-picked favorites from past releases with plenty of extras that are sure to be must haves for those who love Dark Ambient Metal.

Track Listing:

01. Downwards
02. The Shadows Speak To Me
03. Sanity Lost
04. Blood Dripping Down (Suicide Mix)
05. To Gaze Upon The Heavens
06. The Terror Of Knowing Your About To Die
07. The Pale Fallen Dead
08. In The Dark Residence Of Evil
09. After The World Burns Away
10. Ascending The Cold Skies
11. And Then Comes Suffering
12. The Trip Down Below (Watch As It All Burns)
13. The Funeral Procession Part I (Unreleased Demo)
14. Dreams Turn To Nightmare Part II (Unreleased Demo)
15. Upwards