Mortification - Primitive Rhythm Machine [Black LP]

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2018 FIRST TIME Release on vinyl!

Continuing with our chronological release of Mortification albums on VINYL, Soundmass are happy to announce the LP release of their 1995 album Primitive Rhythm Machine.

Mortification’s 5th studio album is an anomaly of sorts, with no permanent band members except for founder Steve Rowe. Instead he records with his Blood World touring band, plus guitarist George Ochoa (Deliverance/Recon/Worldview), who also produced the album. This was also their last album released on Intense Records.

Primitive Rhythm Machine continues where Blood World left off – successfully fusing thrash metal with groove and classic metal influences. However, in line with Mortification’s ever evolving experiment in sound, the production is more raw than its predecessor and, true to the album title, there is a spotlight on the drumming, giving it a Sepultura vibe. The musicianship is innovative and outstanding, providing us with a great album of classic Mortification songs.

Remastered for vinyl and with Troy Dunmire’s original cover artwork in its full-size glory, this is the first time Primitive Rhythm Machine has ever been available on vinyl. This edition is a must for fans of this pioneering Aussie band and any true thrash enthusiast. Included is an insert containing lyrics and credits.


Side A
Primitive Rhythm Machine
Seen It All
The True Essence Of Power
Toxic Shock

Side B
Gut Wrench
Confused Belief
Killing Evil