Mortification - Hammer Of God / 10 Years Live Not Dead (2022 Remaster 2 Disc Set)

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This is the elite version of Envision Evangeline just released by Soundmass complete with bonus tracks on disc 1 and a bonus disc of '10 Years Live Not Dead' for disc 2

Mortification are the undisputed pioneers of Christian death/thrash metal and Australia’s most successful metal band. With releases on label giants like Nuclear Blast and Metal Blade, albums like “Scrolls Of The Megilloth” and “Post Momentary Affliction” which are considered classics, world tours and a sound that is constantly being reinvented – having delved into death metal, grind, thrash, power metal, groove metal, classic metal and even a touch of punk – Mortification is a band that cannot be put in a box.

Hammer Of God (1999), their 8th studio recording, continued the collaboration between Nuclear Blast (Europe), Metal Blade (USA) and bassist Steve Rowe’s own label, Rowe Productions (Australia), which saw the album released far and wide. It also continued with their innovative hybrid of classic metal and thrash, with just a hint of death metal, as exhibited on the preceding Triumph Of Mercy and EnVision EvAngelene. The vocals are gritty, the guitar tones are superb, the riffs are powerful, the drumming is concise. The talent of Mortification in being able to craft catchy yet aggressive metal tunes is showcased in the album openers “Metal Crusade” and “Martyrs”, with the rest of the album following suit. For added value, we’ve also included 8 bonus tracks – 3 studio recordings and 5 previously unreleased live tracks recorded during European tours.

10 Years Live Not Dead was recorded in 1999 at Australia’s premier Christian music festival, Black Stump. They succeed in capturing the essence of a Mortification concert: you feel like you’re actually there in the crowd, enjoying the band live and raw along with a few hundred other rowdy fans. It showcases a solid three-piece and the live sonics add more heaviness than the studio versions of the songs being performed.

Remastered and with the cover artwork reimagined by Scott Waters (Ultimatum/NoLifeTilMetal), along with a dual-cover, all-new layout, this 2-CD edition is a must for fans of this pioneering Aussie band and any true metal enthusiast.


(Note: there’s a split-second glitch in the track 3 audio – if you rip your CDs, please ask us for a flawless WAV or MP3 of this song)

Disc 1: Hammer Of God
Metal Crusade
Lock Up The Night
In The Woods
A Pearl
Hammer Of God
Liberal Mediocrity
Extreme Conditions
Ride The Light

Bonus Tracks
God Rulz
Metal Crusade (Instrumental Version)
Hammer Of God (Live 2001)
Martyrs (Live 2001)
Lock Up The Night (Live 1999)
Extreme Conditions (Live 1999)
Liberal Mediocrity (Live 1999)

Disc 2: 10 Years Live Not Dead
Dead Man Walking
Buried Into Obscurity
Peace In The Galaxy
Hammer Of God
Steve Thanks
Chapel Of Hope
Liberal Mediocrity
God Rulz
King Of Kings