MORTIFICATION - A Historia De Steve Rowe (Hard Cover Book) 2020

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This hard cover book was released in 300 copies only. We have the last numbered copies number 292 through 299. 

Hardcover version of the Steve Rowe biography written by Vic Campbell that has been translated into Portuguese. 404 pages, lots of photos and includes a numbered promotional card signed by Steve and a special Mortification book marker.

“Born in Melbourne, Australia, Steve Rowe grew up playing sports, listening to hard rock and collecting records and souvenirs of his musical heroes. In the early ’90s, still full of energy, Steve shocked the extreme metal community with his death metal band Mortification, with explicitly Christian lyrics. The controversial group gained thousands of fans around the world, signing with the powerful Nuclear Blast and touring in several countries around the world. In 1996, at age 31, Steve Rowe was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. After surviving a bone marrow transplant, Rowe found himself on the brink of death with cancer contracted in the spinal fluid. In the most critical moment of all, the doctors came to give him only two hours to live. Steve defied expectations and odds and is still alive today. After being declared cured, Steve rebuilt his life to recorded numerous albums and toured extensively. Travels through the United States, Europe and South America increased his reputation as a determined “metal missionary”, with an incredible story of survival and overcoming.”