MINIER - Retooled (CD) 2023 Limited Edition

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RELEASE DATE: February 24, 2023



Roxx Records has the distinct pleasure to bring you an album that you may have thought you’ve heard before, but we promise you… you have NOT!

Back in 1988 Greg Minier, renowned guitarist for recording artist The Crucified, would venture out on his own. After the recording of the legendary debut self-titled album from The Crucified Greg Minier would venture out on his own a little bit. Greg had a bunch of songs he had worked on that didn’t necessarily fit in the mold of The Crucified, with more of a straight up metal feel to them. So what to do, he ventured in to the studio to record these tracks, seven tracks to be exact.

Ultimately these tracks would make their way to R.E.X. Records who would offer him a recording contract to release them, and the debut Minier album would be released in 1990. The album would be a fan favorite and critically acclaimed for years to come. It was originally released on CD and cassette tape only, on become difficult to find, until 2017 when Retroactive Records would release an amazing remastered and expanded edition of the Minier album limited to only 500 copies. That edition was limited to only 500 copies and included the exclusive ‘bedroom demos’ sessions Greg recorded between 1988and 1990, and a killer exclusive interview. This version was limited to only 500 copies and is nearly sold out.

Through the years, working on different project with Greg, Bill from Roxx had been after Greg to do something special with this release. And one thing Greg was always questioned on with this Minier album was… ‘Where’s The Bass?’  Well guess what, he finally answered that question for his fans!

Roxx Records is excited to announce ‘Retooled’ the debut Minier album, touched up to perfection, remixed, remastered, and with added BASS guitar! If you think you had the debut album Minier, you have not until you hear it with bass!

Releasing February 24th, 2023 ‘Retooled will come on a beautiful black vinyl edition as a part of the Roxx Records ‘Roxx 100 Series’, which is also the first time any version of this album has been on vinyl. Additionally, ‘Retooled’ will be released on a limited edition CD format of only 300 copies. This new recording was also mastered, by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound, and a beautiful new layout and design, with a slightly altered front cover design by Scott Waters of NLTM Graphics.

Check out the first track being released ‘with bass’ “Do Not Be Deceived”


Track Listing:

1. Do Not Be Deceived (3:48)

2. The Skeptic (3:30)

3. Price (5:02)

4. Killing Of The Innocent (3:22)

5. Prophecy (3:04)

6. Philosophy Of Man (5:32)

7. The Secret Song (1:30)